How does Opus Broadband work in your home?

How does Opus Broadband service work in your home?

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How does Wi-Fi work in your home?

A home wireless network (Wi-Fi) uses radio waves to transfer data between the router and devices, like laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs.

How does Connect Full Home Wi-Fi work?

Connect Full Home Wi-Fi is a number of routers cabled together to create a single Wi-Fi network covering your whole home.

They are designed to eliminate black spots and give you uninterrupted Wi-Fi in every room without having to re-connect.

When one router just isn't enough

In larger homes or those with multiple floors or thick walls, the Wi-Fi signal from a single router may not reach certain areas or rooms. That creates dead zones or weak signals. A Wi-Fi signal has limited reach and obstructions in the home can reduce the signal even further; the position of your router should be considered for maximum coverage. An ethernet connection will always give you a more reliable, stable connection.

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full wifi signal

Signal Level

No loss of Wi-Fi with multiple devices connected

medium wifi signal

Signal Level

After hitting the first wall, both the Wi-Fi speed and bandwidth are reduced.

low wifi signal

Signal Level

The weakened signal hits the second wall and is absorbed, Wi-Fi doesn't reach the third room.

Wi-Fi coverage in every room with Connect Full Home Wi-Fi

Now only £5 per month with all our packages.

Connect Full Home Wi-Fi is tailored to your home and designed to give you a Wi-Fi signal in every room. Because it forms one complete network there is no loss of signal as you move around your home, Full home Wi-Fi will always connect you to the strongest signal without any interruption.

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