Build to rent accommodation
Opus Broadband specialises in providing high-speed broadband installations for build to rent developments. We work directly with property developers, contractors, and management teams to tailor internet access and Wi-Fi solutions to fit the complex needs of these developments.
Do you need a professional superfast Wi-Fi installation service that can guarantee no dead-zones and seamless connection?
We offer a professional bespoke Wi-Fi installation service that guarantees no dead-zones. Our services cater specifically to multi-level needs in build to rent developments, including city-centre apartment buildings and suburban newbuild and refurbishment schemes. We handle all aspects of the process, from Wi-Fi mapping and network cabling installation to ongoing management of broadband. Additionally, we provide full building coverage so there are no dead spots by creating a bespoke Wi-Fi design to meet the needs of the building.
Want to add value to your property development?
Opus Broadband focuses on providing high-performance and reliable internet connectivity to enhance tenant experiences such as gaming, streaming, and downloading. Our tailored approach, involves a bespoke site survey where custom Wi-Fi maps and be created to optimum coverage in the finished building, translating into happier tenants and higher occupancy rates.
Fully managed broadband for build to rent developments

Our support doesn’t end after installation, our business support team and online portal are available to resolve any queries you may have about the service.  By utilising a fully managed internet service for your development you will benefit from less stress if there is an issues as a call to our managed support desk will be all that is required to get the issue resolved.

Our service for build to rent multi dwelling units (MDU's) is specifically designed to increase broadband internet access speed and increase Wi-Fi coverage for tenants. With our service, you can expect ultrafast internet connectivity in every room, equal bandwidth for all users, and no Wi-Fi black spots across the development.

Why choose us?
Services will be delivered from our own fibre network where feasible, delivering a higher quality service as there is no waiting for third party networks to install services or resolve issues.
Using the latest fibre technology to deliver up to 1Gb/s of internet access into developments.
Full site Wi-Fi coverage with no dead spots utilising the latest in Wi-Fi 6 technology.
Specifically designed for multiple dwelling units using enterprise grade equipment and connectivity allows all tenants have a first class internet experience.
Our fully managed service includes an online account managed, which is available round the clock, allowing tenants to self-serve, without increasing your workload.