Building Resilient Futures: Broadband for Education

Opus Broadband ensure Continuity of Education through the provision of Resilient Broadband.

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“ In an ever-changing world, resilience is key. Especially in education, where uninterrupted access to resources and connectivity is paramount for the continuous growth of young minds. Opus Broadband have introduced a resilient broadband service tailored for schools, focused on resilience and the indispensable role of resilient internet access in safeguarding the continuity of education for children. “
Simon Jones – Opus Broadband
School Library

The Department for Education has updated its guidance that all Schools and Colleges should take appropriate measures to investigate ‘alternative backup internet service provision’ in their local area to mitigate any risks associated with single supplier services.

By provisioning a resilient backup broadband connection to your School, you are ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences for students and staff alike.

Read more about the government guidelines on broadband backup here.

Opus Broadband is uniquely placed as a true alternative network provider to respond to the updated guidance.

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Our network is independent, we have infrastructure in the East Lancashire, Fylde Coast and Greater Manchester areas meaning we can provide you with a Fixed Wireless connection from our transmitter located near to your School with our supported pricing plan (subject to survey).

Our Method

Our Method

Opus Broadband are a provider of Fixed Wireless Broadband services and from this network we connect thousands of residential, business and public buildings to the internet. Our service will be installed and set up at our cost and wired to a suitable room of your choice (subject to survey). This connection will be permanently live and available for you to use should your primary internet connection fail.

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Some of our other clients choose to make use of this connection for other uses, like Wi-Fi access for staff. We do not limit what you can do with the connection, it is there for you to use how you see fit.