Single Lets and Homes of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)
Looking to stand out from the competition and increase the desirability of your portfolio?
At Opus Broadband, we have a deep understanding of the importance of maximizing the appeal of your properties and ensuring the highest occupancy rates across your portfolio. Over the years, our partnerships with landlords have shown us that achieving these goals is possible by offering tenants high-speed, superfast broadband internet access as part of their tenancy. This not only enhances their living experience but also adds value to their rental properties. Let us help you unlock the true potential of your properties and create a positive and uplifting atmosphere for your tenants.
Day 1 Broadband Connection
Connecting your property portfolio with Opus Broadband means your properties are Day 1 Broadband connected.
What does Day 1 Connected mean for me as a landlord?
  • Properties are more attractive for potential tenants.
  • Not waiting for broadband installation.
  • No additional works at the property, particularly if your property is an HMO or block of flats.
What does Day 1 Connected mean for my tenants?
  • Instant internet access.
  • Easy to upgrade connection speed
  • High quality broadband for streaming and downloading

Homes of multiple occupation are ideally suited for a service lead rental as providing rooms on an inclusive per room basis is what renters are looking for. Equally as important as the speed of the broadband connection to the property is the coverage and quality of Wi-Fi coverage within the premises. At Opus Broadband we specialise in Wi-Fi design and deployment taking into account the size, construction and use requirements within a property. Our whole property Wi-Fi guarantee will see our engineers on the day of installation choose the ideal locations for Wi-Fi routers or access points to ensure that Wi-Fi covers the whole property.

How Opus Broadband delivers Day 1 Broadband and Wi-Fi in your rental properties.
Our highly trained teams of installation engineers have the equipment and skills necessary to install broadband in any type of rental property.
Properties that our engineering teams can install broadband as standard
  • Single occupancy
  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s)
  • Bungalows
  • Terraces
  • Flats
Our engineers carry an extensive range of network hardware to complete the most complex installations including:
  • Wi-Fi 6 routers
  • Hardware Wi-Fi 6 MESH network routers
  • Enterprise level Wi-Fi switches and controllers
Benefits to landlords of using Opus Broadband to install and supply broadband
  • Broadband and Wi-Fi solutions designed and built with Landlords in mind.
  • Portfolio level billing allows landlords to have a holistic view of their portfolio with a single bill, minimising the management overhead.
  • Maximise rental appeal by being able to market as a ‘connected property’ with high-speed broadband internet available for use from day 1 of the tenancy.
  • Increase rental yield by being able to charge higher rental fees due to increased desirability and service lead rental.
  • Maximise occupancy across properties by increasing tenant satisfaction.
Why is Opus Broadband the right choice for landlords & tenants?
  • Opus Broadband operate a highly skilled customer services team who are available to support you or your tenants if you are experiencing issues with your broadband access. As Opus Broadband primarily deliver connectivity from our own network if there are any issues on our network, we are ideally positioned to fix these as quickly as possible as we are not reliant on any third-party network providers to resolve the fault which is the case with the majority of wholesale internet providers who simply resell Openreach services.
  • Working in partnership with landlords, if a tenant is not paying their rent, then you will have the ability to restrict the speed of service being delivered to the property.
  • Flexible approach to service throughput, allowing you to change the service package if required.
  • No bandwidth limits, meaning no surprise usage changes if tenants heavily utilise the internet connection.
  • Utilising the latest Wi-Fi 6 hardware in our solutions delivers enhanced coverage and Wi-Fi speeds.
  • We partner with you as the landlord, you will have control of where services are installed ensuring that the deployed service suits you as the property owner not just what the tenant wanted.

Do you need Broadband for Single lets or HMO's?