Choose Opus Broadband for your business broadband

Opus Broadband is a leading provider of high-speed internet to Businesses across the North West, by utilising the Opus Broadband network we can super charge your business internet access with speeds of 100 - 300Mb/s available in onNet areas.

Opus Broadband’s services are delivered over a purpose-built high-speed network that is available in selected locations across the North West, if your business is located in an area that has traditionally been served by slow or over congested broadband services using the legacy phone network then Opus Broadband is ideally positioned to offer your Business a high-speed alternative.

Who will benefit from an Opus Broadband connection?

  • If your business requires a high-speed low latency internet connection and your business is located in an area with slow or limited traditional fixed line broadband options, then an Opus Broadband connection is ideally positioned to boost your business.
  • If internet access is critical to the day-to-day operation of your business and you currently have a fixed line broadband service, an Opus Broadband resilience connection is ideally placed to provide your business with a completely separate standby broadband service.
  • If your business aspires to offer Wi-Fi access to your customers however due to security concerns you want to keep customer traffic separate from your business traffic then an Opus Broadband connection will allow you to achieve this without the need to invest in costly Wi-Fi solutions.
  • If your business takes credit or debit card payments using a PDQ/Point-of-sale unit that connects over the internet, these devices require a high-quality internet connection to function, no more waiting for connection to process customer payments.
  • If your business is using IOT (internet of things) devices for example, building management systems, smart thermostats, digital video entry systems, IP CCTV use an Opus Broadband connection as either a dedicated link or a resilience line to ensure access to your systems is always available.

Businesses we can help

If internet access is critical to the day to day running of your business, then it will be as important to you as it is to Opus Broadband that you have a fit for purpose service. Please call to speak to one of our areas specialists who will be able to talk you through what options are available at your address.

Industries ideally suited to an Opus Broadband services

  • Hotels – Fixed Wireless with mesh Wi-Fi to provide Wi-Fi access to guests, multiple connections possible to separate Business and Customer traffic.
  • Restaurants/Takeaway – Fixed Wireless as a primary or resilience connection providing internet connectivity for PDQ card payment terminals and online ordering services like Deliveroo, Just Eat enabling orders to still be taken and accepted even if there is an internet outage.
  • Manufacturing – Fixed Wireless with or without mesh Wi-Fi and cabling to connect the factory to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet. Traditionally a lot of manufacturing sites have been built out of town where broadband internets speeds are often lower.
  • Retail – Fixed Wireless with mesh Wi-Fi connecting point of sale devices to the internet and providing guest Wi-Fi access for customers in store.
  • Printing/Sign Writer – Fixed Wireless as primary or resilient connection used for sending large design files and images to clients and printers.

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