Why is this relevant to you?

The need for high-speed and reliable internet connectivity is on the rise, with more people working from home and relying on digital services at home.

Prospective tenants in 2023 are looking for more from rental properties, as well as the property being in right area and having the required number of bedrooms, they now want to know what speed of internet is available at the property and what is the Wi-Fi coverage in the property like.

Landlords who are embracing these tenant desires for high-speed internet and great Wi-Fi coverage are partnering with specialist landlord providers like Opus Broadband to “switch on” their properties. The ability for landlords to market their properties as a connected property, that is internet ready from day 1 allows for increased rental yields and differentiation from other landlords in the local market.

Our Solution

Introducing our specialist service for landlords and property management companies in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Enable your properties with high-speed internet access from our network with instant activation and suspension options to align with tenant occupancy.

Deliver whole property Wi-Fi coverage by utilising our innovative cabled MESH solution, ideal for homes of multiple occupation (HMO’s) where each tenant expects excellent Wi-Fi coverage in their room.

Designed, built and delivered by Opus Broadband, providing a one stop shop for broadband and Wi-Fi across your portfolio.

Enhanced Connectivity

Instant access for new tenants with speeds up to 300mb from day 1 of their tenancy which enables you to attract higher yield and better-quality tenants who would pay you a premium for this type of immediate service that is aligned to their tenancy contract not that of a traditional service operator.
Consistent high-speed connection and bespoke Wi-Fi installations to suit the size and scale of your property (no dead Wi-Fi zones to frustrate tenants)
As this is a ‘property-based service’ it will enable you as the owner of the property to connect for example property monitoring services like damp sensors and boiler service alarms without addition cost to you or service impact to your tenant.
Centralised billing and support, reducing administrative burden.
Flexible plans and scalable bandwidth options that can be adapted to your and your tenants needs.
Easily accommodate increased internet usage during peak hours or events. The Opus Broadband network offers guaranteed speeds, no matter what time of day.
Future-proof infrastructure to support emerging technologies.
Cost saving from day one. Confirm your current costs and we will tailor a commercial model which is specifically designed to suit property management companies, landlords and their budgets.
Consolidated billing for all properties, simplifying financial management.
Elimination of costly downtime which can impact tenant satisfaction.

Broadband solutions for landlords and property management companies

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As a landlord, why partner with Opus Broadband?

Differentiate yourself from run of the mill landlords and attract new higher yield tenants.
Dedicated customer support team with local engineers.
Robust network infrastructure for reliable and fast internet connections.
Years of experience in delivering broadband services to property investors and property management companies.
Proven track record of customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Process


Survey your portfolio, from this we can assess which properties in your stock can gain advantage of being able to connect to the Opus Broadband network.


Schedule a personalized survey and workshop to discuss your specific requirements.


From this we will put a plan together for you to enable your properties on the network and connect your tenants.


Implement our broadband services seamlessly and provide ongoing support.

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We started to use Opus Broadband for our houses at the beginning of January 2023 and found them to be very reliable and professional in what they do.

Nothing is too much trouble for Adam, our area sales manager and his team, and they go out of their way to assist us in whatever is required. Their customer service is excellent and if any issues arise they strive to help and support our operation now and for the future.

We at Diligent Lettings Ltd feel that we are not just a number but a valued customer and we would have no hesitation to recommend them.

- Diligent Lettings Ltd