How is Opus Broadband different?

Happy Family Using Our Internet Service

Opus Broadband provides broadband services within our communities. Our vision is to become the preferred provider in the areas covered by our network.

Happy Family Using Our Internet Service

The Opus Broadband network uniquely combines a variety of connectivity technologies to deliver high speeds, quality connections, competitive pricing, and personalised services to homes and businesses in your community.

Getting you connected where you live.

Wherever you live within our network area, we'll survey what's available (best price/speed assessment), present you with the options available, and recommend the service that offers the best value for your money.

Once installed, we'll keep you informed of improvements and upgrades to the network during your contract, so you always have access to the best service available without needing to change providers.

Opus Broadband provides you with the solutions so you can enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband, and always at an affordable price.

Happy Family Using Our Internet Service

We don’t stop there; we've designed a personalised installation process, where every customer gets the best possible connection and speeds.

We'll survey your property and find the ideal spot to install the router for Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. For larger properties, we offer a 'Connect Full Home Wi-Fi' service. It includes additional connection points to ensure everyone in every room stays connected when browsing, gaming, streaming, or working.

Connecting with you, it's what we do.

The value we provide as standard does not stop there, See below for just some of the other services and commitments you as a customer would benefit from with Opus Broadband:

Customer Service

Real customer-service. All our advisors are based locally, offering 1-1 support and advice.

Fixed Prices

Fixed Prices. We commit to not asking for or applying any prices increases during the term of your contract.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data. No caps, just awesome worry-free usage.

Minimum Speed Guarantee

Minimum speed guarantee.

Opus Broadband offers a variety of connection types, including Fixed Wireless, Fixed Fibre, FTTC, and FTTP, all of which we've launched and made available to users in our network areas.

This allows us to provide a one-stop-shop service, ensuring a future-proof network and customer experience that continuously evolves by introducing new technology in your area. Our service remains up-to-date and expands as new technology becomes accessible in your region.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Opus Broadband connects wirelessly to your home, bypassing the slower and heavily congested copper cables, giving you a more reliable, faster speed internet connection through our gigabit ready network

Fixed Fibre Broadband

Fixed Fibre Broadband

In certain areas, Opus Broadband can supply a full-fibre connection directly from one of our poles into your home. This will give you the fastest connection available on our network.

When you place a full-fibre order and selected your broadband service, we will schedule the installation at the most convenient time and date.

One of our team of expert installers will connect a fibre optic cable directly to your home and connect it to your new fibre ONT (Optical Network Terminal) inside your home.

Our engineer will install the ONT and a Wi-Fi 6 router, which will be located in the optimal position to deliver the best Wi-Fi signal available throughout your home.