Opus Broadband’s social housing managed internet service offers reliable and superior connectivity, guaranteeing internet access across a development for all tenants.

Why is fast broadband so important for social housing?

Access to essential services:
Fast broadband allows residents to access essential services such as healthcare, education, and government services online. It also enables residents to get online and access job search engines, virtual interviews, improving their access to employment opportunities.
Improved communication:
Fast broadband allows communication between residents, housing providers, and support services, helping to build a sense of community and support network within social housing developments. Social housing providers can tap into this increased community by providing self service screens allowing residents to raise faults and concerns via directly through a tenant portal.
Increased social inclusion:
Fast broadband enables residents to connect with friends and family members, access social media platforms, and participate in virtual community events, reducing social isolation and promoting social inclusion.
Education and skills development:
Fast broadband supports online learning opportunities, skills development programs, and access to educational resources, helping residents to build their knowledge, improve their employment prospects, and enhance their quality of life.
Improved quality of life:
High speed broadband enables residents to access entertainment, leisure activities, and cultural events online, enhancing their overall quality of life and well-being.
Why choose us?
Superfast broadband
Deliver high speed internet access at a low per property cost.
Communal Wi-Fi option available
Full site coverage of Wi-Fi enabling tenants to connect to the internet in communal area.
Commercial models developed specifically for social housing providers
Commercial models that allow housing providers to deliver services to tenants even in the most challenging social economic environments.
How fast broadband benefits you (the landlord) and tenants
Empowering vulnerable users
Support vulnerable users within your development by providing access the internet to help with universal credit applications, making sure bills are paid on time, connect socially with family.
Delivering facilities for example IP CCTV
Manage IP CCTV effortlessly across your development providing a safe and secure environment for your tenants.  
No hassle broadband with seamless delivery
Our fully managed service means that we take care of everything delivering peace of mind to landlords from design to installation.
Opus Broadband design specialists will create a bespoke solution that meets your exact requirements
  • Our survey team will carry out an onsite survey to plan out the installation keeping disruption to a minimum.
  • Opus Broadband configuration engineers will configure and test any equipment being delivered as part of a solution
  • Qualified installation engineers will install equipment on site and carry out acceptance testing on site to demonstrate service delivery.
  • Dedicated customer support desk will handle any technical queries that you may have about the solution.
  • Opus Broadband dedicated account manager available for escalations.
When it comes to social housing broadband creating and implementing digital inclusion strategies and implementing the right infrastructure is vital, equally important is finding the right internet service partner who understands the Social Housing environment. Opus Broadband understand that the digital divide is real and having good quality internet for social housing is a utility just like heating and water.  High quality internet access will allow your tenants to access Universal Credit applications, online training/education, job applications and other online services.
A great positive news story for social housing tenants

How much of a positive news story would it be if you as the social housing provider was able to deliver internet access to all of your tenants giving them and their children access to the online services for education and employment.

Our fully managed service includes an online account managed, which is available round the clock, allowing tenants to self-serve, without increasing your workload as the management agent.

Opus Broadband’s social housing broadband service offers reliable and superior connectivity, guaranteeing internet access across a development for all tenants.